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Reliable IT security

Building secure digital infrastructure is a societal task and it is a highly prioritized task at Process Factory. IT security goes beyond external compliance requirements. Especially as digital processes become an increasingly integral aspect of our daily lives.

That’s why we not only help our clients build optimized and secure digital infrastructure. We also design solutions that support the users of their digital solutions – including your customers and employees.

It is our goal to develop solutions that give our clients a sense of security in their everyday lives. Achieving this requires secure systems, good risk management, and good habits.

We process data responsibly

Efficient data processing and compliance are key competitive parameters in the insurance industry.

It is very important for us to ensure the quality of our data processing, and thereby the quality of our clients’ data processing. We are very aware of the demands this puts on us as a supplier to the industry and on our own suppliers.

Risk management and cyber security will only be more heavily regulated in the future. This will put even greater demands on insurance companies and their entire value chain.

At Process Factory, we are constantly monitoring the development of requirements, opportunities, and the needs of the industry. So we can continue to provide whatever support our clients need.

We build secure systems and solutions

The core of our work is the development of IT systems based on our unique knowledge of the insurance industry.

System stability is very important to our clients. Therefore Process Factory contributes to building stable and secure digital infrastructure in the insurance industry.

We take responsibility for our role in the clients’ value chains and in the industry. That’s why both security and stability are part of our core service. We always aim to provide our clients with peace of mind.

Connector Plus - stability and security defined

The platform is developed with today’s and tomorrow’s security requirements in mind and is continuously updated.

Make your life easier. Let us handle your integrations.

Data Responsibility

Our collaboration with Mentor IT

We are proud to have Mentor IT as our IT supplier. They match our ambitions for IT security and green energy – and they are based in Denmark, just like us.

They contribute to the stability that is fundamental to Process Factory’s solutions. Mentor IT is, additionally, certified in ISAE 3402 and a certified member of the Danish Cloud Community.

Data Storage in Denmark

Mentor IT stores all their data in Denmark. This means no third-country transfers and better control and security of our client data.

Denmark’s best in hosting

Mentor IT was named Denmark’s best in outsourcing, hosting, and operations in 2020 and 2022. They have also taken first place in Computerworld’s Top 100.

IT security awareness training

IT security is a part of everyday life

Culture is also important for security. We have an IT security policy that forms the basis of the culture among our employees. It ensures that everyone in the company is aware of what the right digital behavior is.

IT security is not just about antivirus, firewalls, and coding. It’s also about people’s digital footprints.

Reminders around the office

One of the ways we raise awareness is by hanging posters on digital security around the office. For example, as a quick read while sitting on the toilet or filling a glass of water.

Continuous Upskilling

We organize in-house talks that introduce our consultants to new perspectives on IT security and reinforce their behavior. The talks come from both internal and external experts.