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Your connection to the Danish insurence market

Connector Plus is your entry point to the Danish insurance market. It is an integration platform that manages license-to-operate integrations in Denmark.


Optimize your digital processes and connect with your customers

Collect all your third-party integrations in one single solution. Connect faster to your customers, and make life easier for your employees, all with one platform.

Build Better Digital Solutions for Your Customers

Skip the middlemen and get data directly into your own systems and business applications.

Connector Plus handles all the third-party integrations, your business needs to operate in Denmark. We make sure the data fits seamlessly with your established systems and supports your business processes.

This allows you to build more ambitious and innovative digital solutions, with faster response times for customers. Beat the competition in Denmark and beyond.

"Process Factory offers fast and user-friendly integration solutions, where they have simply cracked a code that LeasePlan greatly benefits from in their daily operations.
This has opened the door to new business opportunities."

Rikke Brandi AndersenLeasePlan

Get More Time for the Things That Makes You Stand Out

It Security That Is Designed for the Future

What is Connector Plus?

Did you know that Connector Plus is also better for the environment? It saves power by reusing IT architecture and streamlining integrations across multiple companies.

Admin center

Get an overview of all integration modules, portals, file exchanges, APIs, user access, and user roles.


Connects you to the Danish Digital Motor Register.


Connects you to the Danish Association for International Motor Vehicle Insurance.

Doctor Certificates

Connects you to doctors via industry organization Insurance & Pension’s (F&P’s) medical records and certificates.

Dentist Certificates

Connects you to dentists via industry organization Insurance & Pension’s (F&P’s) medical records and certificates.

Coming soon

Claims History

Connects you to Insurance & Pension’s (F&P’s) upcoming claims history solution.

Claims Cancellation

Connects you to Insurance & Pension’s (F&P’s) upcoming claims cancellation solution.

An Ever Evolving List of Integrations