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Enabling strategic partnerships

Process Factory supports sales processes and creates value for your customers and business partners.

Strategic partnerships are a popular growth model for insurance companies in Denmark. Many have entered into partnerships with car dealers, banks, and insurance agencies in recent years as a way to gain access to new customer segments.

A successful partnership requires smooth collaboration processes that handle third-party integrations and distribute data between the insurance company and its partners.

Process Factory helps our clients achieve this with our DMR Partnership Application.

The problem

For companies selling car insurance in Denmark, the integration with the Digital Motor Register (DMR) is pivotal. The essential business processes need to be supported efficiently. Otherwise, the customer risks problems such as deregistration, brand confusion, etc.

At the same time, the business rules for each partner can differ. Hence the processes need to be adapted to each partner’s strategy to avoid the risks of taking on unwanted and potentially costly insurance risks.

Communication with the DMR requires a certificate. Access to the certificate needs to be controlled to avoid problems with data protection and GDPR. 

That results in a need for an alternative way for partners to communicate with the DMR without jeopardizing data security.

Process Factory’s responsibilities

  • Assessment of Needs
  • Solution Design
  • Requirement Specifications
  • Development
  • Application Launch
  • Maintenance and Optimization

The problem is ensuring efficient communication between the Digital Motor Register and partners that 1) does not compromise the security of personal data, 2) ensures proper distribution of data between the partners, and 3) establishes automated rules for handling insurance requests.

Our solutions

Process Factory’s DMR Partnership Application facilitates smooth and profitable strategic partnerships.

The solution supports automated DMR-processes, certificates, and security. Furthermore, the solution supports a reliable distribution of business-critical data between the insurer and its partners.

Each solution has three main elements: A fully configurable request process, efficient and secure integrations to the DMR, and automatic distribution of business data.

Illustration of Process Factorys DMR Partnership Application

A fully configurable request process

The DMR Partnership Application’s request service ensures that all accepted insurance risk matches the strategy of the client and their partners, and allows for global as well as individual configurations. It is based on a rule engine that controls what vehicles can be registered and checks for possible issues with the Danish Motor Insurers Bureau (DFIM).

The solution provides a good user experience for customers and dealers, as they can quickly get feedback on requests for taking out new insurance. Automizing the process additionally reduces operational costs.


  • Facilitation of successful partnerships
  • Lower risk of errors
  • Stay ahead of possible problems
  • Secure management of business data
  • Easier GDPR compliance
  • Online administration of insurance requests
  • Adjusted rule engine based on the client’s business needs 
  • Better results from strategic partnerships
  • Significant increase in the customer portfolio
  • Easy entry to the Danish Insurance market

Maintenance and optimization

Process Factory ensures the future stability and effectiveness of our services, by continually maintaining and optimizing the solution. We integrate any changes that happen in the industry or to the technology, so our clients do not have to worry about it.

Efficient and secure integrations to the DMR

Our DMR Partnership Application guarantees that every partner only gets access to the data that is relevant to their business operations. All integrations to the DMR are secure and designed to suit our client’s business needs.

The process is fully automated, which leads to time gains and a better user experience that does not compromise on data protection.

Automatic distribution of business data

Our DMR Partnership Application ensures that data is distributed between our client and its partners based on the current business strategy. It is possible to differentiate the rules, so each partner is guaranteed the best possible support for their specific goals.

Reports from the DMR about insurance changes are only sent directly to the insurance company and not to the partners, and therefore need to be quickly distributed to the partners with minimal errors. 

The Digital Motor Register (DMR)

The Digital Motor Register, more commonly referred to as the DMR, is a register for all data on registered vehicles in Denmark, including insurance coverage. It is administered by the Danish Tax Agency (SKAT).

Process Factory continually works with integrations to the DMR and keeps a close eye on changes and developments that could affect our clients. We also have a direct and ongoing dialogue with SKAT.

We use our expertise and network in the area to improve the operational stability of our services.