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Administration of the Swedish Road Traffic Registry

An effective application that automates data transfers and third-party integrations relevant to the Swedish insurance market.

Process Factory has, in collaboration with a client, developed a new application, which automates all reports sent to the Swedish Road Traffic Register, Vägtrafikregistret (VTR) in Swedish. It also splits reports (återrapporter) from VTR internally between affiliates and brands.

The solution reduces operating costs and improves operational stability by dealing with incidents automatically. It has made it easier for our client to expand their business operations in the Swedish market.

The problem

The Swedish Road Traffic Register (VTR) is one of the most important actors in the Swedish car insurance market, as the day-to-day administration involves many reports to and from the registry. Reports about changes in ownership or reported claims, for example.

All transfers to and from the VTR are registered under a company code, indicating which company owns the insurance. When an insurance company has several affiliates that share the same company code, errors regularly occur in transactions with the VTR. For example, when policy ownership is transferred from one affiliate to another, the change is not registered, because both affiliates are considered to be the same company.

Our client experienced additional problems with coordination and approval of proof date, errors with policyholder payments, and missing or incorrect handling of reports from the VTR. This leads to an unnecessarily high number of reports sent to the registry, and every single report has a monetary cost. Furthermore, incidents had so far been handled through expensive and time-consuming manual solutions, which is not feasible for larger portfolios.

Factory’s responsibilities

  • Assessment of Needs
  • Solution Design
  • Requirement Specifications
  • Development
  • Application launch
  • Maintenance and Optimization

The client wanted to expand their portfolio of car insurance in Sweden. In order to keep their operational costs low and stable, they needed to automate the processes for handling integrations to the Swedish Road Traffic Registry.

Processes without our solutions

Before Process Factory’s solution, every affiliate communicated directly with the registry. This led to many incident reports when ownership of an insurance policy shifted from one affiliate to another, as well as high operational costs from the number of reports and expensive manual troubleshooting.

Processes with our solution

Process Factory’s application collects all data related to car insurance from the affiliates and automatically coordinates changes between them so no errors arise when customers change from one affiliate to another.


  • Fewer reports to the VTR = financial gain
  • Reuse of previous claim reports = financial gain
  • Effective distribution of data between affiliates 
  • Fewer incident reports
  • Automated process for handling incident reports
  • Fewer payment errors
  • Increased productivity
  • Lower operational costs
  • Enhanced operational stability
  • Facilitates the growth of the insurance portfolio

Maintenance and optimization

Process Factory ensures the future stability and effectiveness of our services, by continually maintaining and optimizing the solution. We integrate any changes that happen in the industry or to the technology, so our clients do not have to worry about it.

How it works

The collection of batch files from VTR takes place once a day, after which the files are automatically split and forwarded to the relevant affiliates.

The module reduces the number of transactions between our client and the registry, by avoiding repetitions and sending only the necessary reports.

The cache solution further reduces operational costs by reusing damage claims from earlier the same day.

The Business Case

With our application, Process Factory automates data exchanges between affiliates and eliminates time-consuming manual troubleshooting.

We reduce operational costs by reducing the number of data transfers and improve operational stability by reducing the number of incidents.

With our solution, the client has a more stable and cost-effective basis for expanding their Swedish car insurance portfolio.

The Swedish Road Traffic Registry – :Vägtrafikregistret (VTR)

All information on registered vehicles, license holders, etc. in Sweden is stored in the Swedish Road Traffic Registry, Vägtrafikregistret (VTR). The VTR is operated by the Swedish Transport Agency.

Insurance companies use the VTR to keep track of which vehicles are insured, and have to send reports on changes to their own insurance policies. These include reports on cancellations, new insurances, and reports on damage claims.

VTR is an expansive network with Swedish Moter Insurers (Trafiksäkerhetsföreningen – TFF), car dealers, and insurance companies as the main actors.