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Optimization of vehicle subrogation in Scandinavia

Road accidents can lead to a lot of administrative work for insurance companies, not least in the form of subrogation or recourse claims. Discussing fault and sending out claims can quickly turn into many messages back and forth – and a lot of man-hours.

What Denmark, Sweden, and Norway have in common is that across the insurance industry in each country, agreements have been made between companies to contribute to efficient and standardized help for customers and injured parties. The agreements are supported to varying degrees by common practices and standard industry systems.

Regardless of the cooperation, there is still a big task on the shoulders of each company when it comes to supporting internal processes. Work processes can be handled manually. However, it does not take much damage to make an automated solution worthwhile. Process Factory’s specialists have worked with integration solutions in all three Scandinavian countries. This means you can draw on our experience whether you want to optimize your claims processes in one of the three countries, or across them.

Denmark - Full automation of subrogation claims

In Denmark, all companies use the common EDI solution developed by the industry association F&P. Through the F&P recourse solution, companies exchange messages with claims, rejections, payments, etc., but it is up to the companies to provide the system support for the internal vehicle recourse processes. And there are significant gains to be made here.

Process Factory has, among other things, developed solutions for our clients that automate essential and time-consuming work processes. This includes, for example, obtaining notifications, obtaining assessor reports, automatic recognition rules, and settlements.

Sweden - Get started fast and save time

Motor recourse is less system supported in Sweden than in Denmark and there is no single solution for all companies. Instead, there are different templates that many companies use, such as recourse agreements and ÅÖ agreements.

Process Factory’s role in the Swedish market – as in Denmark – is to automate and enrich the processes around these solutions. We can, for example, help the regressors get off to a good start by automatically pre-filling data and allowing messages to be sent at any time of day. We also help optimize rules engines and internal business support processes.

Norway - New Standard Industry Solution

In Norway, the Traffic Insurance Federation (TFF) offers a subrogation solution, Skadehub. This system collects and supports information exchanges between the registered companies, and forwards claims to the relevant company. It functions as a standard solution for the market in the same way as Denmark but is based on newer technology.

Process Factory can assist with the business analysis, the practical integration to Skadehub, and the support of the internal claims handling processes.

How Can Process Factory Help?

There are significant differences in how recourse processes work in each market, but the needs of our clients are the same: optimized, digital processes for subrogation claims that save time and money.

Process Factory has integration specialists with experience in the integrations between the recourse solutions and the companies’ insurance systems in all three Scandinavian countries. This makes us a partner who can travel with you and ensure synergies across national borders.


  • Automated vehicle subrogation processes
  • Enhanced integrations that support business development
  • Access to experts in local markets
  • A solution adapted to your system landscape and needs across Scandinavia
  • Advice on entering the respective markets
  • Fast response time when communicating with customers
  • Simplified work processes for your employees
  • (Get a foothold in any of the three countries)