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Vejle Brand

It partner with insurance know-how

”Process Factory is a strong partner in industry-specific IT solutions that create real business value. They are flexible in their collaboration with us and always know the latest system updates, which makes our everyday life much easier. This allows us to focus our resources on our internal systems. Process Factory has also been great at advising on the implications of important decisions, where it’s an advantage that they have a good understanding of our system set-up.”

Claus Lomholt Poulsen


We assist all types of insurance companies with optimization

Vejle Brand is a small insurance company with long-standing roots in the local community and a strong emphasis on quality customer service.

They have chosen to outsource the most industry-specific systems to Process Factory, so they can focus on internal process optimization while also benefitting from the experience of other insurance companies.

Our consultants have helped Vejle Brand make difficult decisions and have implemented the necessary IT solutions.

We understand both the technical and commercial aspects of implementing new systems and can provide ongoing advice to Vejle Brand on the business implications of, for example, system integrations and system architecture.

In addition to the execution and maintenance of system integrations, Process Factory has also been involved in product development, process optimization, and advice on how to process collected data. This has given our consultants unique and holistic insight into Vejle Brand’s IT systems and business processes.

Because of our insight into Vejle Brand, we can optimize value-adding processes, advice on business implications, and manage the implementation of IT solutions.

Examples of projects for Vejlebrand

  • Advice on system architecture
  • Advice on process optimization

  • Solutions interfacing the Digital Motor Register (DMR)

  • Automatic DFIM check

    • Claims history solution

    • Attest solution

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