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IT Consulting you can rely on

We already work with 30+ insurers operating in the Scandinavian markets.

Connector Plus

We improve your IT processes so you can focus on serving your customers

Experts in IT and Insurance

A Team of Skilled Consultants

”Process Factory has helped us implement solutions much faster than if we had to develop the integrations ourselves. We are grateful for that. It has helped us get our products to customers more quickly.”

Helle GadebuschAXA

”Process Factory is a professional and competent company, there's no doubt about that. But beyond that, there's just something... you feel secure when collaborating with Process Factory.”

Peter FlemmerAlm. Brand

“Process Factory is very professional and easy to reach. This makes collaboration convenient, along with their expertise and proactive approach to getting tasks done. They are like colleagues to me.”

Kian Grundsøe HandbergGjensidige

Systems and Integrations