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Making a meaningful difference is what we do

ESG is, essentially, about how we contribute to society measured in environmental, social, and governance factors. One way Process Factor contributes to society, is by developing more efficient digital processes. Not only does this create better working conditions for employees in the industry – it also saves energy.

Our clients are subject to many compliance requirements, including those from ESG and CSRD. As a part of their value chain, we do our best to support our clients in fulfilling these requirements. We also follow developments in the industry, so we can continue to support our clients in their endeavors to make the world better.

Environmental Responsibility

Our mission is to develop business-critical IT solutions for the insurance industry. These solutions need to be efficient to save the most time and resources for the industry. This means they also use less energy, which is better for the environment.

Our multi-tenant cloud solutions solve the same problem for many companies at once. This reduces the overall emissions in both the development and operational phases for us and all our clients.

We are continuously improving the data collection on the energy consumption of our solutions. This will give us a more concrete picture of what we can do even better going forward.

We have also started reporting on our CO2 emissions and other environmental initiatives by 2022. Contact us here, if you are interested in receiving our ESG report.

Social Responsibility

Process Factory is employee-owned. Our work culture is characterized by co-ownership and co-responsibility for tasks and professional development. This makes the employees the driving force behind the high-quality products and services, we deliver to our clients every day.

Diversity is also an important part of Process Factory’s culture. We see the different backgrounds, experiences, and personalities of our employees as a strength. It leads to different ways of thinking and consequently problem-solving. This is reflected partly in the age distribution and gender distribution of our employees, which you can see below.

One of our key objectives is to promote the visibility of women in IT. That’s why we participate in ITB’s mentoring scheme for female talents in the IT industry and in KVINFO’s mentoring network. We are actively working to make the gender distribution in our company more equal.

Age Distribution

Under 30 years


Between 30 and 50 years


Over 50 years


Gender Diversity



Responsible Governance

Governance is all about good business conduct. Process Factory is an employee-owned limited liability company. This means that those who do the day-to-day work also share responsibility for the management of the company.

One of Process Factory’s core values has always been independence with accountability. We value our employees for their individuality, working methods, and needs. We encourage people to work in a way that suits them, as long as they solve their tasks responsibly. Just as importantly, we strive to create a great community where people help each other.

Another of our core values is our commitment to internships. We take immense pride in providing young individuals with the opportunity to kickstart their professional journey through a nurturing and enriching internship program. It’s a testament to our success that a significant number of our former interns have since become valued members of our team.

Giving back to the industry

The IT sector in Denmark still faces a shortage of skilled workforce. At Process Factory, we take responsibility for educating new talent. We do this by collaborating with educational institutions to take on interns every semester, and by hiring talents at the beginning of their careers.

Personal development

To ensure well-being and job satisfaction, our work culture is characterized by flexibility. Each employee has responsibility and influence over their work and everyday life. They are not locked into specific roles but have the opportunity to influence their own tasks and evolve professionally within the company.

Code of Conduct

To ensure a safe and secure working environment for all employees in the company, we have formulated a Code of Conduct that clearly describes our expectations for good behavior in the workplace. Our Code of Conduct is described in our employee handbook, which is available to all employees.