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The road to successful system modernization

Data processing is an important part of everyday life for insurance companies. Customer records, claims, recourse, etc. all require specific data management processes to ensure that the data is secure and can be processed by both internal and external systems.

It’s a complex undertaking in ideal conditions, but it gets more complicated when a legacy system needs to be replaced. This requires a detailed data migration and management strategy.

Luckily, Process Factory has the experience and competencies to guide insurance companies successfully through modernizing their IT processes or replacing legacy systems.

The problem

The biggest problem when dealing with major system upgrades, is finding a way to do it that does not impact customers and partners or make work harder for caseworkers.

Without a detailed strategy for data migration and processing, caseworkers have to manually process long lists of cases and errors. This is both time-consuming and expensive. To avoid it, you need to design automated IT processes for handling data that allow the systems to temporarily co-exist. It is important to consider data migration, effects on external integrations, and how to test the new processes.

To avoid any negative impact on the customers, the business processes must be fully supported, adjusted to the new IT processes, and tested thoroughly.

There are, furthermore, unique challenges depending on whether you are replacing a core legacy IT system, or if you want to modernize your system landscape due to, for example, the acquisition of new brands or systems.

Replacing the core system will require a detailed strategy for data migration. When you purchase a new business, however, you need to consider how to consolidate the systems going forward.

Process Factory’s responsibilities

  • Assessment of Needs
  • Solution Design
  • Requirement Specifications
  • Development
  • Application Launch
  • System Optimization

The problem with major system upgrades is finding a solution where customers, partners, case workers and employees are not negatively impacted.

This can be achieved through careful consideration of business procedures, data processing, testing, and adapting external integrations.

Our solutions

What does it take to successfully modernize your IT systems?

Process Factory’s answer to this is a combination of the right competencies to implement the smartest solutions, professional but down-to-earth communication, and IT processes that work.

Consulting based on experience and results

Process Factory has worked with the insurance industry for many years and has a proven track record and experience with most of the systems in the industry.

We also have experience with previous system overhauls and replacements. We have successfully supported business processes, handled testing, and adjusted external integrations.

Rather than reinvent the wheel, you can lean on our experience and knowledge. Together, we can unlock the full potential of your new system landscape.

Illustration of Process Factorys solution for system modernization


  • Better customer experience
  • Reduce time-consuming manual tasks for caseworkers
  • Reliable communication with external partners
  • Better working conditions for employees
  • Faster system replacement
  • The full benefit of your modernized IT-system
  • Reliable internal data management
  • Optimization and consolidation of systems
  • No data loss
  • No effect on third-party integrations
  • Detailed and professional documentation

System optimization

Process Factory ensures that your new system landscape is ready for the future through optimization and consolidation. This allows our clients to safely explore new possibilities and to gain the full benefit from their upgraded IT processes.

A down-to-earth collaboration

Because of our deep roots in the insurance industry, our project leaders and IT developers speak the same language as yours.

We offer an equal partnership, where we become an extension of your own IT department. Your developers will also have the possibility to talk directly to our experts – developer to developer.

The complex nature of data management and migration means that unforeseen problems or new needs will often arise during the system replacement or upgrade.

When this happens, we’re ready and available to help you find the best solution, fast.

Reliable and optimized digital solutions

Process Factory can design a solution that will help you modernize your systems faster, but without compromising on the quality. It is especially important to always ensure the best support for the business processes.

We can create a solution that acts as a link between your systems and external partners, databases, and institutions. You get data directly into your system, where we can also help you implement a solution for internal data distribution.

When the technology works, you are already well on your way to successfully modernizing your IT systems.