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Partnership that fosters innovation

“We had a lot of ideas about business processes, and through a long process, Process Factory helped us validate what was actually possible in practice. Process Factory and especially their industry know-how has been a great help to us in this process. They act as a link between Undo and third parties, such as SKAT, with their EDI and DMR integration solutions, which we have experienced has given us great value.”

Mathias Schütte,
Product Manager

Together, we turned innovative ideas into reality

Undo is a new player in the Danish insurance industry, which likes to challenge the way things are done in the industry. Its innovative car insurance, Undo:kør, is app-based and monitors your driving to calculate the price of your car insurance based on behavior.

Despite offering a new type of insurance to its customers, bringing Undo’s car insurance to market still requires the same third-party integrations as any other car insurance. Process factory has helped Undo bring its insurance to life by establishing the necessary IT processes to operate in the Danish insurance industry.

Undo approached Process Factory because of a need for expertise on the processes and requirements surrounding DMR (the Digital Motor Register) and EDI. They had a lot of ideas but needed the right know-how to determine what was realistic. With our guidance, Undo was able to get its insurance to market faster.

The company wanted to split its car insurance in a new way that makes more sense for the young customer segment. We helped establish the necessary internal processes and integrations to the Digital Motor Register and Insurance & Pension, which enabled Undo to satisfy their customers while complying with all the regulatory processes.

Handling of DMR and EDI processes

Undo:kør is now up and running, and we continue to help with third-party integrations through our OneLogic DMR and EDI solutions. Process Factory manages the maintenance, optimization, and modernization of these integrations, so Undo can focus on turning their next idea into reality.

How we support Undo

  • Advice on how to develop and market a new kind of car insurance
  • Establishing the necessary third-party integrations
  • Know-how on IT processes in the Danish insurance industry
  • OneLogic DMR
  • OneLogic EDI

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