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Less administration, better custumer service

LeasePlan is a leasing company that offers fleet insurance as an essential part of its fleet management services. With Process Factory’s help, it will be able to compete on the same level as the major players in the market – including the insurance companies.

“With Process Factory’s solution, we have taken our insurance services to new heights and gained access to new opportunities that have been educational, motivating, and fun for the entire insurance team to be a part of. Notably, we have taken the project further in-house, which means that several other departments of our leasing company also benefit from the reduction of administrative tasks and easier ways to achieve our goals.”

Rikke Brandi Andersen,
Insurance Director


Our integration platform has established a direct link between LeasePlan’s systems and the Digital Motor Registry (DMR), among other 3rd parties, and improved the data quality in the leasing company’s systems for all the insured cars it does not own.

It has given LeasePlan access to new customer segments and distribution channels and has freed up internal resources by automating previously manual tasks. This freed-up time can now be invested in serving customers and creating a better experience for their drivers instead.

Customer Growth on the Move

Access to new market segments and more time for customer service has led to higher customer growth at LeasePlan.

An essential part of the leasing company’s service is a focus on mobility. It is paramount to LeasePlan’s customers that they can get their drivers back on the road quickly and safely when an accident happens. With faster response times for reports to and from the DMR, digital insurance certificates, and access to new distribution channels, Process Factory’s solution helps ensure LeasePlan’s customers are always on the move.

Cross-Departmental Solutions and Pleased Employees

“Clear outcomes and benefits for the individual make it easier to engage employees in the change process. The solution we have implemented has resulted in fewer clicks and noticeable time savings, which has a direct positive impact on the insurance department and our service level”, comments Rikke Brandi Andersen.

How do we improve everyday life for LeasePlan?

  • Direct link to DMR and other 3rd parties via Process Factory’s Integration Platform
  • Improving the data quality in LeasePlan’s systems

  • Access to new customer segments and distribution channels

  • Advice on the Danish market and insurance processes

  • Less time spent on administrative tasks

  • Help with managing successful in-house change processes