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By Susanne Møllegaard, CEO, Process Factory

Denmark’s leading position is the result of innovative companies and close and committed cooperation across the entire public sector, and in close partnership with private partners. This is true, for example, in areas where it has been necessary and appropriate to create interdisciplinary solutions that are widely used in the everyday lives of Danes, whether they come into contact with the public or the private sector.

Together for digital development, the Danish Government 2022

No matter what happens with the World Championship in football, which is about to take place in Qatar, we can rejoice that Denmark has already secured a World Cup trophy this year. Denmark has been named the World Champion in digital infrastructure by the United Nations. For the third time in a row, that is!

The Trend Continues

Denmark’s leading position in digital infrastructure is no coincidence – and the trend does not end here. The government’s high ambition cannot be realized without digital connectedness between the public and private players. The insurance industry is also a significant player in this.

Citizens and businesses should feel that the public sector offers the best and most coherent public service with the individual citizen and business at the center.

Together for digital development, the Danish Government 2022

Not Unlike Heart Surgery

The World Championship is also part of the explanation for the high complexity in the market, which, for one thing, affects the implementation of new systems for insurance companies. The implementation process always comes with its fair share of surprises, and projects often take longer and are more expensive than expected.

Due to the comprehensive digital infrastructure, replacing an insurance system can be compared to performing heart surgery. There are dozens of custom-built national and industry-specific systems and processes with which the newly implemented “heart” will interact. And more are being added every day.

Access to local market knowledge is crucial to ensuring a successful surgery, benefitting your customers, employees, and ultimately your bottom line.

Local Market Specialists

Process Factory has been working with the insurance industry’s digital infrastructure for more than 15 years. We are a team of specialists with extensive knowledge of the technical and business aspects of the local market systems and processes.

Local Integration Platform

Process Factory offers an integration platform for the insurance industry, designed to increase company agility in a world where customers and partners demand efficient digital self-service solutions.

The integration platform targets the insurance industry’s digital infrastructure. By connecting to all 3rd party integrations through the platform, complexity and time-to-market are reduced.


The UN Department for Public Institutions and Digital Government (DPIDG) has just released its E-Government Survey, which compares the public digital infrastructure in the 193 UN member states. Each country is ranked according to an index that weighs, among other things, a selection of online services made available to its citizens.

Read the complete UN survey here.