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Alm. Brand

Co-developing digital solutions

Alm. Brand is a large Danish insurance and pension company. Many years of close collaboration have resulted in the development of several new solutions that automate tedious work processes.

ā€œProcess Factory takes great ownership of their tasks. Together, we have developed many high-quality digital solutions, such as one that automates our workers’ compensation claims processes. The rule engine analyzes the notification forms and translates them into relevant claims details. This saves us a lot of time with tedious tasks and allows the claims handlers to spend time on more value-adding activities.”

Troels Agergaard Jacobsen, Head of IT-Development

In addition to developing new system processes, we have also delivered numerous well-functioning IT solutions to the company

Together we have thought of solutions that can be offered to more clients. Alm. Brand has had the advantage of being able to shape the solution to their needs – while reaping the benefits of a more cost-friendly investment, than if they had had to master the whole process by themselves.

One of the solutions we have co-developed is a system that automates workers’ compensation claims. That has led to significantly increased efficiency by reducing monotonous tasks and reduced operational costs.

Alm. Brand was, with our help, one of the first companies to automate all the routine parts of the workers’ compensation claims process, and this has given them a business advantage in the market. Workers compensation claims are only a small proportion of the company’s total claims, but it was a task, where we achieved a big impact with a small effort. It is also a solution that can be beneficial in other contexts.

Besides developing new system processes, we have also delivered many well-functioning IT solutions to the company

In addition to developing new automated processes, we have also delivered many well-functioning IT solutions to Alm. Brand.

When they present us with a problem, we always analyze the situation and advice on the best solution, thus reducing the complexity of the decision-making process.

Their core system is TIA and many of our consultants have developed reliable solutions that integrate to TIA. This is a great advantage when we implement the solutions.

Alm. Brand knows that our consultants are always on hand and ready to help, and we look forward to developing more new and groundbreaking solutions with them in the future.

Examples of projects for Alm. Brand

  • Workers compensations claim automation
  • Claims history solution
  • Attest solution
  • Solutions that support partnership strategy
  • TIA developmentĀ 
  • Consultants for diverse IT projects in Alm. Brand