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Specialist advice

“Process Factory has developed and maintains a number of our third-party integrations. Their many years of experience in the domain make them a valuable partner for us in finding practical solutions to our problems. Process Factory is quick to respond to queries and in a development organization where agility and Scrum are keywords, Process Factory is quick to change solutions and plans so that deliverables are not delayed. At the same time, their flexibility and agility mean that we can get necessary tasks done quickly.”

Heidi Marie Torm,
IT Development Director

Collaboration and maintenance

Topdanmark is a large Danish company that offers many different solutions in the fields of insurance and pension for individuals and businesses.

They have a lot of knowledge and technical resources in-house, but sometimes they still need a specialist in, for example, the Digital Motor Register (DMR). When this happens, they can always turn to Process Factory’s consultants for input and help.

Through our cooperation with Topdanmark, we have implemented and maintained efficient IT solutions, e.g. for workers’ compensation claims, which have helped to reduce complexity for the company’s own employees and optimize their processes.

Our consultants also have the specialist knowledge to advise on systems integration, business development, and the digitalization of the Danish insurance industry. In other words, our consultants – in cooperation with Topdanmark’s own employees – can help solve many problems significantly faster.

We have a thorough understanding of Topdanmark’s systems and system integrations, and therefore it has also been possible for us to offer help in areas where their in-house specialist knowledge is limited. Topdanmark has increased its agility by working with Process Factory. Because we enable them to solve “bottlenecks” and offer advice on the business implications of new initiatives.

Examples of projects for TopDanamrk

  • Workers compensation notification solution
  • Split solutions for handling multiple insurance brands
  • DFIM manual search

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